FL Garden Services - professional company specialising in landscaping and garden maintenance services operating in SW London

FL Garden Services employs a wide range of materials and techniques that we are highly skilled in to deliver excellent results. We use the right materials for the job, from brickwork to block paving for patios, driveways, decking, fencing and gravel. We work within Kingston, SW London and the surrounding areas, such as Epsom and Balham.

We have carried out landscaping on small scale, such as improving a rockery or installing decking, to large scale designs involving large spaces, with fencing, pathways, shrubbery and water features. Irrespective of the size we will always strive to ensure it is of the highest quality and completed with the best materials, while keeping the design cost-effective.

We operate a turf laying service involving garden clearance and full preparation using only the finest quality products and completing the job to the highest standard. We also perform a scarifying service, which is to remove a heavy layer of thatch that forms a cover of mulch over your lawn, stifling emerging grass.

This allows us to then reseed the soil so you will have freshly grown lawn within a short time. We can then maintain this for you to ensure it remains in top condition!